Tron Wars September 22

16th:   7 points SingleTron

17th:  Warmup Tournament

18th: Main Event

Location: Hirtshals

Artists: Jeff A. Menges

Vendors: Tier1mtg

Links for lodging:

1: On Site and Cheap 

2: Good expensive Hotel 

3: Apartments

Who is Team Tron

Team Tron has its roots back in 2004 on our first trip to play Vintage outside of Denmark, and that was the first trip out of many where we have met a lot of people close to our hearts and have played a lot of really nice matches both in Vintage and Oldschool.

During the later years our focus has more been Oldschool than Vintage, but Niels still plays a lot of Vintage on MTGO, and always has the latest tech for us.

Right now we are three full members, Henrik Storm, Niels Thiim and Simon Rokkjær, and we also have a Prospect who still needs a trip outside of Denmark to be a full member(We had imagined it would be this year, but then Corona happened)

Watch us here:

Simon Says 

Here we have a big selection of the Oldschool matches we have played, commentated and we hope you will use some time there ;)


On Twitch we will show our live content, again primarily Oldschool matches and also commentating Oldschool magic 


On Twitch we will show our live content, again primarily Oldschool matches and also commentating Oldschool magic, plus a little bit of WOW



Mr. Workshop

Niels is the youngest in the group, has the most Edgar cards. Niels doesn´t play a certain deck, but loves them all.


Mr. Cthulhu 

Simon is the oldest one in the group, and has the most Alpha cards, and an avid player of The Deck. He is also known for his love of Cthulhu, and has some very nice alters, please ask to see them ;)

Favorite card and why:

Ancestral Recall, because its so iconic


Mr. Triskelion

Henrik is the one in the middle, our voice of reason. He is also playing The Deck and is a very skilled pilot. He also has the largest collection of cards.


The Prospect

Martin is the newest addition to the group, he still needs another trip outside of Denmark before becoming a full member. 



"Nice to meet you."

-Nebraskas War 2015


"Really nice logo, it even has the mana vault."

-Nebraskas War 2016


"Yes i can do some nice Cthulhu alters on those wastelands."

-Nebraskas war 2018


"I love doing Cthulhu alters, but you should also talk to Jesper Myrfors!"

-Nebraskas War 2015


A short introduction to OS Magic


Allan Linderup Smed

Deck Archetypes and strategies "The Bible"


Allan Linderup Smed

MTG Old School card combos' and synergies


Allan Linderup Smed

Building your first OS Start collection


Allan Linderup Smed

MTG old school phrases to know


Allan Linderup Smed

The Danish Oldschool Guidelines

Official Danish guidelines

Tribal Decks in MTG 93/94

Old School


Allan Linderup Smed

About the author

Allan Linderup Smed

The Author Allan Linderup Smed started playing MTG in 1994 and played non-stop all the way towards the release of the Invasion block in 2001, where he left MTG to focus solely on board gaming and fantasy role playing games. He returned to MTG in 2015 playing Pre-modern and the popular format Commander.  But it didn't give the same old feeling and satisfaction as the previous experience with MTG. It was then he became aware of the Danish Old School community and was invited into it, in a first encounter by attending the Danish Long Island Cup event. Since then there has been no looking back and sole focus has been on the MTG 93/94 Old school format and growing his old school card collection back to the former days of grandeur. 
He is driven by making this format more known and accessible for new players as well as MTG players only familiar with the newer formats and cards. The goal is to support growing the community and to show what an extraordinary and different playing experience Old School Magic can give players and how formidable the format and community is.